Sunday, January 29, 2006

Dual-Booting Windows XP on a Macintel

Dual-Booting Windows XP on a Macintel
The Problems

  • Macintosh uses a different MBR
  • MacBooks use EFI, XP x86 uses BIOS
  • The modified Darwin Bootloader is made for EFI w/ EFI supporting operating systems

OK… So step by step.
Where is the BIOS used? For what? How?
The OS sends low-level calls to the BIOS that tell it exactly how to deal with the hardware. Now I don’t have the Windows XP source code at hand.. so all I can tell you for a fact is that NTLDR uses it to access the drive at first to boot Windows, and Windows uses it at *least* once more when it is mounting the drives.

The Required Programs and Stuff

  • Acronis Disk Director Bootable CD
  • Acronis True Image
  • Another computer with a clean install of XP. No programs installed at all.
  • A MacBook obviously!
  • A Windows Vista DVD (not for installation purposes!)
  • Vista boot files
  • bcdedit.exe
  • BCDedit restore file

Most of the problems can be theoretically quickly dealt with.

  1. Using the Bootable Acronis Disk Director CD on the MacBook, shrink the Mac partition.
  2. Create a new partition of type NTFS/HPFS in the remaining space.
  3. Setup a clean version of XP on a PC.
    Extract Boot.7z to the root drive of your XP installation.. So you have C:\Boot\
  4. Copy bcdedit.exe to the root drive of your XP installation. C:\BCDedit.exe
  5. Copy MacBook.bcd to the root drive of your XP installation
  6. Use sysprep to “reseal” your XP install and remove all hardware info from the setup (thanks Kristan for pointing that out!).
  7. Use Acronis TrueImage CD to make an image of your XP install.
  8. Use the bootable Acronis True Image CD to recreate the image on the partition you just made on your MacBook.
  9. Use the Bootable Vista DVD to boot on the MacBook.
  10. Select “Repair Startup” -> Next -> CMD -> Run too.
  11. Browse to drive C:\Boot (which is the partition you created on the MacBook and then extracted the Acronis TrueImage file to). (cd C:\boot)
  12. Run “fixntfs.exe -lh” without the quotes
  13. Browse back to drive C:\ (cd \)
  14. Run “bcdedit.exe /import MacBook.bcd” without the quotes
  15. Eject the CD and restart.
  16. In Mac now, hack the Darwin Bootloader to add another entry that chainloads Drive(0) Partition(2). With GRUB it would look something like this… I’m not sure if Darwin is the same, but this step is very simple, and has nothing to do with EFI.
    title Windows XP
    rootnoverify (hd0,1)
    chainloader +1
  17. Restart
  18. By selecting “Windows XP” on the Darwin Bootloader you should be chainloaded to the Vista bootloader, which should in turn boot the entry “NeoSmart Windows XP”
  19. If everything has gone well, XP will boot!!

Ultimate VNC Setup

Ultimate VNC Setup
January 27th, 2006 in Technology
VNC is a free (mostly) way to control another computer from somewhere else. But there are downfalls. VNC is not very secure. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of using two free programs to connect to another computer and do it securely. The programs are small , fast and not bloated like remote desktop. But this guide will also teach you how to setup encryption so no one will be able to get access to your computers.
The two programs we will be using are RealVNC and Hamachi. Hamachi is a tunneling app that lets you direct connect two computers. It bootstraps the connection and you get a new ip that displays up on the top of the application.
RealVNC is a small VNC application. They have paid versions but for this setup we only need the free version. So go download RealVNC free edition and Hamachi (freeware).
Now you need to install Hamachi first. It is recommended that you go to to get a secure key for using Hamachi. This way everything is encrypted.
It’s a good idea to install Hamachi on the host machine (the one you want to connect to) first. When you get the main menu it will ask for a name. Just put in your nickname or your real name. Then you will want to name the server. Name it whatever you want. It will then give you a unique ip that you will tunnel with. Write the IP down.
Now you need to setup your network. On the bottom left of the Hamachi window there is a button named Create or Join Networks. Click on it and select Create network. You will then name it. Then you need to put a key phrase in. The pass key MUST be from or another security key generating site. You don’t want someone cracking into your network.

Now you need to setup Hamachi on the computer that you will be connecting from. Anotherwards the pc at your work / school / other room that you will use to connect to your home pc from.
On that PC just setup a different username. Now you need to connect to the pc at your work / etc. Just select Join Existing Network.

That’s how you get Hamachi setup. You will now be direct connected to each other. It’s a good idea to plan how you will do this. You need to setup Hamachi and realvnc at home and get it right and then set it up at work. You should email yourself the Pass Phrase or write it down. Then delete it once its setup in Hamachi.
Now for RealVNC. Download it from the link above. Now install it on the “server” (on the pc at your work you need to install the viewer only). Just leave everything in the install default. Run the program and set it up. You need to create authentication.
Authentication in Real VNC is different then Hamachi. This is just a password you use to connect from your work to your home pc. This can be any password. It doesn’t matter because you will be doing it over a secure Hamachi connection.
Now on the server PC you need to turn Hamachi on and RealVNC. Write down the password for Real VNC and the Hamachi Pass Key.
On the PC at your work , etc , you need to download RealVNC but ONLY install Real VNC viewer.
Now you’re ready to get it working! Just open Hamachi at your work. Connect to the PC at home (make sure to use the Hamachi ip not yours! It’s the one with the encryption!).
Once that’s done and you log in with the long Pass Key you can open up Real VNC viewer. Put in the IP of your Home Pc (Hamachi ip) and click connect. It will then ask you for a password and enter the key you made for Real VNC.
All done! Now you can sys-admin over a secure Hamachi connection with a very secure pass key.

Tech Prank: Microsoft Word Voodoo Curse

Tech Prank: Microsoft Word Voodoo Curse

Step 1
Open Microsoft Word on your victim's computer, then go to the program's AutoCorrect feature (Tools/AutoCorrect), which is designed to catch spelling errors and automatically fix them.

Step 2
Instruct the program to replace the word "the" with "thee," "but" with "butter," or "of" with "off." Then really get creative.

Step 3
Look on as Bob from Customer Service sends a company-wide e-mail that reads: "Please forward all requests about greasy duck butter and Slavic cabbage fart to the strange mole on my schvontz. Spank you. Cock balls banana."